Intermountain Healthcare

“If only the rest of the country could deliver the kind of high-quality, low-cost medical care that such organizations as the Mayo Clinic and Intermountain Healthcare provide, America’s health-care problems would be solved.”
— The Wall Street Journal

Intermountain HealthcareIntermountain Healthcare is a Utah-based, nonprofit health system of 23 hospitals and 32,000 employees .

During the thick of the nationwide healthcare reform debate, the New York Times Magazine published an article featuring Intermountain Healthcare’s evidence-based medicine as a model for America’s healthcare system.

And a Health Blog article by the Wall Street Journal notes that IHC is part of a first-of-its-kind nationwide collaboration dedicated to improving clinical quality while reducing costs in ways that can be implemented on a broad scale.

In the following video interview, IHC Operations Officer, Cliff Park, discusses how the “Make Yourself Indispensable by Monday” Workshop has been used to affect their culture, and help IHC to innovate in ways that improve service and cut costs.